10 March 2014

A very good place to start

After months of preparation and anticipation, I'm ready to begin the process of transforming myself from a software engineer to a professional baker. Professional Baker! I can't say it out loud without laughing. However, I've registered and paid for Spring quarter, which makes it all seem much more real. I have my food worker's permit, and have signed up for the "highly recommended" student accident insurance (knife skills are one of the first things we learn...) and I have my first quarter class list:

BAK 101 Introduction to desserts & breads
BAK 111 Desserts/breads practicum
CUL 106 Culinary arts theory
CUL 151 Sustainable food practices
HOS 101 Customer service practicum
HOS 110 Principles of sanitation
MIC 102e Excel for culinary students

The customer service practicum is "by arrangement" and consists of working a few hours each week at The Buzz, which is the school's coffee-and-pastry shop. Most of the food created in the culinary and baking programs is sold at either The Buzz or at the two full-service restaurants run and staffed by students. The schedule for my other classes will be:

TueBAK 101CUL 106BAK 111HOS 110
WedBAK 101 BAK 111 
ThuBAK 101CUL 106BAK 111MIC 102
FriCUL 151 BAK 111 

Classes start April 8th. I will go up to school tomorrow to be fitted for the student uniform: chef's jacket, trousers, cap and (of course) aprons.

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